January 5th, 2005


(no subject)

Crudding IBM. They shipped the new amsu via UPS Brown, with a delivery date of the 11th. I've sent them a pointed email reminding them that I selected and paid for "2nd day" shipping. From close inspection of the emails, it looks like they've outsourced shipping fulfillment. Frigging damn outsourcing movement, outsource "service companies" are never competent, and every time some management type ever talks about outsourcing some customer facing function, I want to beat him to death with a tire iron.

Knuth was fun last night. I arrived early, and spend a couple of hours reading the first few dozen pages. When the rest arrived, we all had dinner, and then spent a couple of hours working thru a couple of pages on binomials. We really need a chalkboard. When I did this sort of thing back in collage, my study group would take over an empty late-night classroom in the EMCB, and 3 hours later have filled all eight huge boards.

Absolutely no energy this morning. I couldn't crawl out of bed `till 11. Not because I was tired, I was just absent both "want to" and "want to want to". I think that's how I process depression or loss now. Instead of feelings of sadness or anger, I get unmotived.

The photo from Cirque Du Noc arrived in the mail last night. It's a cool image, I wonder if I can get the digital file from the photographer.