December 26th, 2004


My giftmass haul

I got
  • a big lovely framed piece of original art from jatg
  • a humorous old movie novelization from Brent
  • a jar of Atwood Chili Sauce
  • a jug of cashew nuts (everyone else got peanuts, but no more peanuts for me)
  • a payment on my debt (mostly the car loan) that I owe to the family "rich uncle"

All this was plenty and enough and to spare. I got more joy out of all from knowing the work that Jett put into the piece, and then deciding that I would be able to appreciate it, and the fun "aha" Brent must have had finding that book at his local used bookstore, and the fun it was watching pheonix_jade play with the glow-in-the-dark silly putty he got from me.

As I get older, I get less materialistic. At least for toys and trinkets.

"Why I think you are cool", a correction

A couple of weeks ago, I did my followups for the why I think you're cool meme. And to my mortification, I confused gipsieee for someone else. (I think LJ should have a feature that lets me tag each person on my friendslist with a "private name", that gets displayed only to me, so I can keep myself prompted as to who is who, instead of remembering the username/realperson mapping).

Anyway. gipsieee is cool, for many reasons that I don't know.

But I think she's cool because she's strong, and physically balanced. She's sexy and yummy. She's skilled with her hands, and learned lots of crafts that I think are cool. She blushes a lot, but still finds her courage despite her fears, to reach for what she wants.