December 6th, 2004



Ugh. I was going to go to bed at a nice relatively early 10pm last night, but just as I was crawling in, my phone rang. "The Librarian" is on! Did you put it in your Replay?" So I got up, programmed it in, and then watched all but the missed first 10 minutes. And then watched the immediate repeat to catch the beginning. Then couldn't sleep. Finally fell asleep about 3am.

So I got to work late, and have been a zombie all day.

I got my holiday cards all in the mail. Well, all but one. I don't have onemintjulep's new address. Send it to me, guy!

IT finally got me my new dev workstation. Some Dell thing, faster than the old Compaq piece-of-shit. So hopefully no more 2hour compiles. No PS/2 ports either, so now I'm waiting for IT to bring me a set of PS/2-to-USB adapters so it will work with my KVM switch.

Chatted some with a friend who's got a sudden serious illness in the family. I hate feeling useless, but I guess being able to listen, talk, prompt smiles, and momentarily distract isn't completely useless.

jezel has a job interview. After getting a rather expensive masters degree in dealing with warped children, and then promptly burning out on dealing with said warped children, it will be nice to see her getting back into it, and putting all that effort back to use.

I watched my first NetFlix yesterday. "Lost in Translation". I'm glad I saw it, tho it isn't a movie I would have paid to see in a theater, or even have paid specifically to rent. NetFlix really lowers the bar, reducing the incremental cost of seeing a movie to the value of the watching-time. The other two I've got are "Pitch Black" and "The Mummy". The next one they will send me probably will be "A Beautiful Mind".