November 20th, 2004


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Fish Friday went well. swirlgrrl joined us, celebrating, as it were, her impending temporary move out of Seattle. omahas basically did all of the cooking, and it turned out scrumptious, broiled halibut covered with fresh homemade mango salsa. The evening's video entertainment consisted of the last third of The Cell (lush costumes, pretty people lovely sets, noir cinimatography, disfigured by a stupid and fractured plot), and then everyone settled down to horrified enjoyment of this week's Drawn Together.

The next day (today), I filled up all the seats in the Forester giving rides back into Seattle, and then went home to feed, water, medicate, and cuddle with my cats. This afternoon, I went up to CapHill for the monthly BiSocial, but I seemed to be the only one there. Sometimes we get two dozen people, sometimes we get one person. So I wandered around, did window shopping, and picked up the lastest Ready Made (I love that magazine), the makings for holiday cards, and a couple of holiday presents.