November 14th, 2004


Little girls and birthday parties

Yesterday was Kouryou-chan (elfs & omahas daughter) party celebration of her fifth birthday. A whole herd of kids of about that age, screaming, running, enjoying ice cream cake, playing karaoke, and, of course presents. I think the kids who brought presents got as much joy out of seeing their gift opened as Kouryou had in opening them. She was able to read each card and note.

I got her some wonderfully warped books. The Frog Prince Continued, Baloney (Henry P.) and The Annotated Alice. The last book is a bit much for her, but I figured that she can grow into it, and her parents will enjoy reading it to her. (Nostalgia alert. I still have fond memories of my dad reading the Alice stories to us.)

Review of Drawn Together (

Last night I was introduced to Drawn Together. It's an "animated reality show". They take a stereotypical Disney-esque princess, a "the smart black chick" from 1970s Hanna-Barbara, a Betty Boop clone, "Captain Hero", a Spumco character, an oh-so-fay elf videogame character, an uncouth internet Flash animation character, and a Pikachu clone, and put them all in a house to live together.

I had heard of it, but my ReplayTV stopped working in the interval that it premiered, so I didn't get to watch it `til last night.

It's a wonderful. Bizarre. Twisted. EXTREMELY Twisted. (As one reviewer put it... "You know how people say 'don't go there'? This show 'goes there'.")

The writers are still getting their feet under them, and they belabor some jokes too much, but they're improving, and I will add it to my regular watch list.