November 6th, 2004


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I went with KeithR, Tahlia, and Bethieee last night to see The Incredibles, at the Cinerama.


Positive endorsement, go see.

It's possibly too loud, scary, and "action packed" for little kids, however. See it yourself, before you bring your kids. "Animated" and even "Disney" or "Pixar" does not necessarily mean "kids fare".

Oh my.

Cartoon Network so rocks. Mainly because they are self-aware and humorously ironic, without being bitter or oh-so-sophisticated.

Case in point: Power-Puff Girls Doujinshi

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Most companies build around intellectual property and cursed with lawyers would have freaked out and dispatched cease and desist letter. CN, otoh, understands and realizes that fan art means fans, and encouraging fan art encourages fans, and encouraged fans mean enthusasitic and loyal viewers, which, for a video media company means, well, sheer survival.

Why are so many other companies so damn stupid on this issue? Case in point, Nintendo recently threatening to sue someone because they said in a public interview that one of the things they like to do to relax and unwind is, well, play Nintendo. One has to study for many years, getting MBAs and JDs, to reach those depths of sophisticated and self-destructive stupid.

Location: Vivace Roasteria Cafafé on Capitol Hill

Bookshelves, and musings on my father's tools and leet mad skillz

I got some bookshelves.

After one of my shelving units got disintegrated in the move, and the need/desire to keep not quite so much stuff in boxes hidden under the coffee table, there was a need. I found the same brand/style as before, at OfficeMax, but after looking at the pricetag for particleboard and veneer, I rebelled.

jezel suggested Ballard Bookcase. Real wood, locally made. So today I went, and looked around. They have some lovely beautiful fine cabinetry grade stuff in maple and hardwood, but about half a zero more than I wanted to be paying, but also some functional simple sturdy white pine stuff. I couldn't help but hear my dad's voice in my head "I can make those, for a lot less than that."

And he would be right. If fact, with access to his tablesaw, with a cutting blade and with mitre blade, under his light supervision, *I* could make these shelves too, for just the cost of wood. However, he and his toolshop are in Utah, and I am here, and I need these shelves to continue unpacking.

Next summer, when I have some sunlight and ventilation, I'll take each of them, unload them one at time, touch them a bit with a vibrating sander, and wax them.

Location: Fremont Red Apple Market Building, using the wine bar's free WiFi