November 1st, 2004


All moved out, mostly moved in.

Yesterday, with the help of intrepid_reason and jezel, the very last bits of work got done on my old place, and much of the "moving in" got done at my new place.

It was a daunting task, as most everything just got put in a couple of piles in the main room. But by the time we were done, my bed, desk, file cabinets, and ceder chest were arranged in my bedroom, and in the living room, the cat tree, entertainment center, couch, chair, coffee table and large bookshelf were positioned.

Most of the boxes-of-stuff are stacked in the "other room", and in the kitchen. I figure I can open and process three or four a day for the next couple of weeks. I need to get my piano put back together ASAP to practice, as I have a lesson session this Wednesday, and then the student salon is the next Sunday. Also todo, go pick up my deposit check for my old place, and shop for some more shelving. I'm thinking of a pair of full-heights, and there are two 36" slots that would be perfect for them.

As we were winding down, kids started showing up at my door for trick-or-treat. I've gone 5 years buying candy and having no trick-or-treaters. The year that I forget to buy candy, I start getting them again. I had to turn two groups of kids away (tho one group was satisfied with getting to pet Birkenstock). Jezel made a grocery store run, and came back with a bag of small candy bars. At which point, the trick or treaters stopped coming. Of course.