October 30th, 2004


(no subject)

Holy cow I should be asleep.

Thursday morning I was at my new apt complex, to sign the lease. And then let the cable guy in before he left. Then rush to work for a couple of hours, and then back to my old apt, to get boxing underway. Five loads of boxed stuff, did I box, hump to the Forester, drive up to the new place, and haul in. tonyawinter came and helped, and we boxed up the kitchen, that was two more loads. Then dinner and a soak. But thats pretty much everything except for stuff in drawers.

My cats are upset, but despite that (or probably because of it) they slept very close to me.

Friday was a ((most) regular) day at work, tho I wasn't able to focus very well. In the afternoon, lots of people brought their kids to go trick-or-treating, that was very cute. Then down to omahas & elfs for fish friday. I stayed up helping Omaha work on Kouryou-chan's costume, an outfit to make her look like the title character "Snow Fairy Sugar".

Tomorrow, is all the big stuff. There is going to be a UHaul truck to move it in. I prefer the yellow trucks, but I didn't arrange the truck, so.

Go to sleep, Mark!