October 18th, 2004



I had heard of bookcrossing here and there, I'm not sure exactly where the first time. I first saw a bookcrossing book for the first time at BiCamp this past summer.

As part of my ex libris project of cataloging and labelling all my books, I finally signed up for an account, and ordered a "starter kit", which arrived in the mail today.


So far I've entered about a half dozen books. I've got a set of books, many of which I havn't read yet, that I will enter, read, and release. Mostly entertaining mmpb's.

Moving Day

I get the keys to my new apartment on the 27th, the Wednesday after next.

I will probably take that next Thursday and Friday off work, to pack and move all my smaller stuff. The big stuff (furniture) moving day will be Saturday, the 30th.

I would really appreciate any help I can get on that day.

Pizza and drinks will be provided.