September 25th, 2004



I could really get used to working via VPN. I will physically go into work Monday tho. "Out of sight, out of mind" is not a force one wants working against you, and a lot of my "value add" for my workplace is my ability to answer weird gonzo questions about UNIX and about networking.

daikitsune finally made it in. Poor guy hit rush hour traffic in Portland, which added another hour and some to his trip time. No rest for the wicked for him tho, because I quickly hauled him off to The Grind at the Spot.

I tried something for the first time, rope play from the inside. It was great fun.


Another work via VPN day. Slow and quiet start, to avoid waking my houseguest too soon (he got moving at noon). Combing out Kiddi revealed no "passengers", the Revolution treatment worked it's miracle.

I had my last fitting for the Gotheque outfit, it looks good.

It took almost two hours to drive down to Tacoma, lots of other people did the "get out of work early, this may be the last good weekend of the summer" thing as well.

ConiFur was fun, tho I had time for only one pass thru the Dealer's Den before it closed.

Conifur, so far

Yesterday afternoon I went down to Tacoma for Conifur. The traffic was heavy and slow, probably a lot of people also felt that this may be the "last good weekend of the summer", and took off early as well. I did get to see artvixn as I made my one fast sweep thru the Dealer's den. Then I hooked up with a largish group that included elfs and omahas, pulled in daikitsune, and went out for spaghetti. Some of the later evening pleasures included listening to Heather Alexander, watching some DDR, and teaching Kouryou-chan how to recognize the "C" keys on the piano in the lobbylounge.

I came back today afternoon, for a more leisurely pass. I bought a couple of good things in the Dealer's Den: the first issue of the comic book of Jack, and Heather Alexander's Uffington Horse Promotional CD (which I cannot play at the moment, since I seem to have overlooked testing the CDROM in amsu when I rebuilt the kernel).

It's interesting to see how both the "looks" and the demographics of furry fandom have evolved over the last 13 years. Some for the better, some... not so much.

A lot of the artwork has gotten technically better. There is a lot less mindless spooge. And there are getting to be more and more artists and illustrators who are not Terry Smith derived and Prismacolor dependent.

I have two "discoveries" this year. First of all is Turbine, who has formal training in sketch and ink. He uses ink and a restricted palette of watercolor washs to give a "sepia and old masters" look. The other, and one to watch if she stays in this ghetto, is Tess Garman, who has a newly minted degree in medical and technical illustration. I most strongly recommend her work to your attention.

Coming up next, a screening of Kaze: Ghost Warrior, a feature quality realistic animated piece, that is the work of one one man.