August 18th, 2004



Hot water heater, the aftermath so far. The hot water heater guy showed up in the morning. I locked the cats in the bathroom and let him have at it. I had to re-pile the hasty piles of stuff to give him room to work. Later, the water cleaner guy came, with a wetvac the size of a truck. I had to re-pile again, basically putting everything on the bed. He made the standing water Go Away. Then he set up an undercarpet blower, cut some air escape slots in the carpet, such that the carpet is now floating a few inches above the flooring, and said "let that run until Saturday and don't walk on it much." !!

Then, it being Tuesday, I went to Seattle.

Hunting for a window fan. Given that a heatwave is going on, and my old one finally wore out, and now I really have a hardcore humidity source in my home, I really need a new one. Unfortunately, so did everyone else in Seattle, and since it seems that hardware stores and housewares stores order a year in advance, there was not one to be found. I *finally* found one in a little dinky TruValue down the street from my piano lesson.

Making music. The piano lesson was fun and brutal. There is another student salon in about a month, and Mr Henry wants me to duet with him. With a piece that I cant take home to practice. I get the feeling that the next few lesson times are going to be REALLY brutal.

Visit with a friend. I visited intrepid_reason for a while, that's always pleasant.

Work work work Then I went into the office. It was going to be 10pm to midnight, but I actually ended up staying till 230am.