July 23rd, 2004




I got two new Noodler's permanent inks from Swisher Pen. Hellbender Red and Veridan Eternal. I need more pen bodies.

The company making the boxes that generate the MPEG over IP streams is being obstinate. And it turns out that they aren't using RTP, but doing something utterly proprietary. The *second* thing I said when I learned that was "What the HELL where they thinking!". If they utter the phrase "value add proposition" when they explain themselves, it will be a real struggle to control the Fist Of Death. It may be that I get *nothing* done in that project before I depart.

To help with Tobi's bare cupboard syndrome, I realized that "my" rice cooker was actually a gift to us from her cousin, so it's more hers than mine. So I threw it and a 20kg bag of rice in my forester, and delivered it to her. That's enough rice as sole staple for a person for a year.

Stopped at FredMeyer for a shipping trunk and a window fan. Found the truck, but not the fan. According to the department clerk, they got a whole truckload of them on Tuesday, and they were all gone by Wednesday evening. Curse this heat.

Spent the evening at the Grind. It probably wasn't the most effective use of my time. But it was wanted, needed, and enjoyed. Tonya did something to my shoulder that was satisfying agonizing, but I still need to have a pro look at it, I think. I enjoyed the evening's eyecandy, sweated out about a liter on the dance floor, handed out a few of my personal contact cards, was sociably, and even memorized a few names, and spent some time in the swing chair.


Packed my tent and sleeping gear into the shipping trunk. Used my employer's FedEx account (via payroll deduction) to ship it to Boston, and also generated a return airbill for it. If I had been smart, I would have shipped it on Monday, and saved some money.

DNNA claims to have shipped my replacement ReplayTV4160. According to UPS, it's supposed to arrive Monday.

Gym. Session 160 of 164. Chest, biceps, abs

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Afterwards, we worked out in the Big Book Of Schedule the impact of my trips on my training. I will be in on Monday the 26th, then gone till August 6th, and then gone again till August 16th. At which time it will be getting to be time to think about buying more sessions or not.

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Work update. Got something working! At least, we were watching real digital television (the movies "Paycheck" and "The Master of Disguise") on an iBook over a crossover ethernet cable. The datastream is RTP enough that various open source video players with "play from network stream, UDP/RTP via multicast" can grok it. By Monday those multicast streams should be live on our internal development network.

It's too damn hot. I'm drying off under a fan stream, my towels were just movin the not-dry-feeling around, instead of drying me off.