July 19th, 2004



Finished watching "Pirates of the Caribbean". Much much fun. Johnny Depp is much cuter than Orlando Bloom.

Took a lovely nap with a cat curled up on the pillows on either side of me.

Helped jezel move another couple of loads of stuff from her storage into her new apartment.

Had a long phone conversation with a dear friend, with yielded joy in me for her, and wistfulness in me for me.

Met up with my brother Brent in CapHill, along with some friends of his. Dinner at the Broadway Grill, dessert at Dilettantes.

Stopped at the Merc for a moment. They are *strange* on Sunday nights. Kids in light colored clothes, dancing a very strange style, listening to odd music, with weird psychodelic stuff on the monitors.

I think I have a small depression. It feels like peanuts, but I don't think it is. I hope it lifts reasonably soon.
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Gym. Session 158 of 164. Legs.

I was in a pissy mode this morning, which I took advantage of to really pour on more weight.

Leg Press. 360lb, new record. Step Up. With weight again, 50lb. Nautilus Leg Extension. Started at 215lb, added another 5lb each set. New record. Cybex Machine Leg Curl. New record. Dumbbell Lunge. 50lb. First time with weight in a long time. Seated Calves Raise. 225lb. Cybex Machine Prone Leg Press. 260lb. A real quad killer. Standing Calves. 310lb.