July 11th, 2004


Someone needs to write a laptop friendly MTA.

Well, this is annoying.

One of the things on my low grade "to get done" list is to reconfigure amsu to use a smarterhost instead of doing local delivery. Either my own co-lo server, or the one provided by pobox.com.

Well, it just elevated to a higher priority. Since I am now DOCSIS instead of DSL, I'm now in the MAPS blocklist, and so cannot send email to many people, including the people at drizzle.com.

Nobody seems to have written a nice small flexable simple laptop friendly MTA. Everyone instead seems to want to write ones that do lots of queuing and rewriting and preformance hacks and OS level security. My laptop is NOT going to be delivering a hundred thousand emails an hour, hosting a hundred mailing lists, with local delivery to ten thousand mailboxes, on a machine with riddled untrusted and clever users.

I want local delivery of locally generated email, some optional Python or Perl hooks for flexability, very simple queuing, doesn't hammer the disk, can do SASL smarterhost by default, doesnt utterly freak out when the network goes away, and has a configuration file that I can understand exactly what every option does, without having to spend a week doing nothing but getting into the author's head.

Is that too much to ask?