July 4th, 2004




Sleep in. Laundry. Bills.

Used the violet shampoo for the first time. Would you believe purple suds? I was afraid I was going to end up with purple hands and purple scalp, but it worked as advertised, and brightened up my bleached cowlick.

A physical conflict with Sasha over her daily pill.


Wore the kilt.

A meeting fell thru. But I still got a home cooked steak out of the deal.

A bit of shopping. Fred Meyer, sticky rollers to lift cat fur. Restoration Hardware, campfire telescoping roasting sticks, for BiCamp. UW Bookstore, more BlueLine A9Q notebooks. Also discovered and picked up issue #1 of Penitalia.


Met up with intrepid_reason and a friend of hers (does he have an LJ? dunno), and went out to eat Thai. Not far from where I used to live in Ballard, actually. Then off to the `spot, as some friends of hers was using the weekly Saturday party/event to have a pagan wedding. (They will be having the more mundane ceremony for their family's sakes next week sometime.)

We stayed `till 1am, and I had a *very* good time, and then both started crashing a bit, and flashing on some old bad memories. Not fun there.

But Birki is snuggled up next to me (mainly to enjoy the hot breeze blowing out of amsu's exhaust vent, and so I'm okay.

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  1. Finger inside trigger guard. That should get him ejected by the RO by itself.
  2. He's not looking at where it's pointed.
  3. (similar but different to above) He doesn't know what's BEYOND where it's pointed.
  4. No eye protection.
  5. No visible ear protection. (They all might be wearing plugs, so I shouldn't count it.)

If he's going to do a photo op to try to impress the RKBA folks, maybe his campaign should have hired a consultant to make him look less damn stupid. (Tho, maybe they *did*, and said consultant proceeded to make him look bad...)

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(link stolen from tepes)

A Measure of Respect

I was born in 1958 and came of age when the Vietnam War and the anti-war movement were both in full swing. It has taken me years to put this into words, but I believe that as bad as that war was, the legacy of the anti-war movement was worse. The anti-war movement gave rise to the moral superiority of non-involvement and non-commitment. While that may have worked to help draft-dodgers sleep at night, it's not much of a strategy of how to go through life.