July 2nd, 2004



Huge tracts of... personal video storage.

The current little task du jour for work is to benchmark these as "sidecars" to our box. It's a great great idea. Just keep stacking them on via the USB2.0 port, and add 160hr of additional PVR storage with each one.

Fighting with the gelatanous goo that is our software isn't making it easy, tho. Man in skirt

The kilt got worn for a second day at work. I handed out a few more of their business cards. (I'm wearing pants today, just to compare. I prefer the kilt.)

Monkey Girls

Left work at 5p, made my way down south to meet omahas. Had a great time playing with the girls on the monkeybars at a little park there.

Soak & Grind

After their dad got home, Omaha and I headed for the UDist. Finally, after 6 months of trying, we got a "Soak and Grind" to happen. The universe had conspired against us in the past, going so far as to throw a car at me one time.

Dinner at Pagliachi's, then a nice hot soak, and then to the `spot for the Thursday night dance party. The DJ was more into goth than O preferred, but still, lots of very fun and very yummy dancing was done and enjoyed.

And a very nice grrl and I got fun and flirtacious. :)

Woke up this morning somewhat bleary and stiff.