June 29th, 2004


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It's fun to get a surreptitious audience.

My coworkers tend to watch of the corner of their eyes when I take out a bottle of ink XX, take apart one of my pens, and then refill it.

Having pens that aren't disposable adds something ineffable but real to writing, I think. It just not logos if it's from a Bic™.

Mark in a manskirt

Just who was it who thought that trousers would be a good ordinary wear?

They are wrong.

I went to the UtiliKilts factory/store here in Seattle, and started poking around and trying things on. I settled on a "classic". In black, of course.

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Their time may have come and gone for "statement edgyness" here in Seattle, but I don't care. It's comfortable. It feels good. It looks good. I'm converted.

I'm going to wear it to work tomorrow.