June 27th, 2004


Seattle Pride 2004 (http://www.seattlepride.org/)

So I went after all, but I missed the parade, which is probably the part I shouldnt have missed. Volunteer Park was crowded and bright. I think I'm probably going to regret not putting on some sunscreen. Didn't buy anything, except some lunch (mmm.. cajun blackend salmon). I was being tempted at the UtiliKilts booth, but I think I'll actually go to their factory/storefront when/if I decide to buy. (judyg has said she would like to see me in one). Sat on the grass with Pax and Ilsa and friends for a while. I didn't recognize him at first when he called to me, he looks different "in color".

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A fair number of the standard issue Useful Idiots where there as well.
  • The Socialist Party USA. "Free The Detainees!"
  • The Socialist Workers Party. "Troops home! Now!"
  • The Socialist Freedom Party (who?!). "Splitter!"
  • The Radical Women's Party. "We demand free abortion on demand. We demand an end to forced sterilization. We demand immediate anti-capitalist action!". I didn't realize that "forced sterilization" was still an issue. When I asked her what "anti-capitalist action" was, all I got in reply was a withering "Men!" and then a Cut Direct. Wow, a living stereotype.
  • And a earnest pair of married old hippies who seemed to believe "if only we could tax away the CEOs excessive salary, we could fund free health care for all!".
  • Absent. The Pink Pistols.
  • Absent. The Log Cabins.

"Remember where you park, fool!"

Me, being stupid, forgot where I parked. I knew it was going to be an issue, I thought about it, when I locked up to walk away, that I should write down the intersection, or set a GPS waypoint. But no, I thought I could just remember it. Right. I had to walk a raster scan search on an 8 block by 8 block region to find it, and of course, it was almost at the end. Tired feet, my own fault.

Birthday Greetings

Today (here still, for another 20 minutes), it is my youngest sister jatg's birthday. Happy Birthday, Jett!

In twenty minutes (tho it was forty minutes ago, where he is), it will be my youngest brother pheonix_jade's birthday. Happy Birthday, Ren!