June 14th, 2004


Friday Night

After work Friday evening, I picked up omahas and we went to see The Chronicles of Riddick with julzerator's crew. Not a terribly deep or good movie (it's basically Yet Another incarnation of the "Krull the Conquerer" genre, made all sleek and goth). Basically something that one would normally read in installments in "Heavy Metal", but on the big screen. It was cheesy fun.


Thank goodness for late hotel checkout, I don't think I stirred `til noon.

Breakfast was at about 2pm, with just me, intrepid_reason, and I—. P— had already gone home to Seattle.

I was introduced to the overwhelming olfactory experience that is a Lush storefront. Leslie had gotten a gift cert for there for her birthday, and while she was picking stuff out, I wandered around, looking at the cool stuff, and ended up getting almost as much "product" as she did:

Sometimes I look at my array of "product" on my bathroom counter, and consider the fact that I use the term "product" to describe them, and wonder about myself. But I can still go less than 20 minutes from stepping out of bed to stepping into my car, without missing any steps, so I'm not worried.. yet.

Anyway, after a small reprise of yesterday's confusion, we sorted out the maps, roads, and route, and worked out way out of Vancouver. And eventually worked our way into Seattle.