June 11th, 2004


Gym. Session 144. Legs.

Finally, for first the first time in eight weeks, I did legs at the gym.

I was afraid that I would start, and my hip would buckle, and I'd have to wait another two months. Or that my legs had gotten so out of shape that I would make myself sick, like I did the very very first time I did legs.

But no, it went well.

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My legs were shivering a lil bit by the end. We'll see how stiff and sore I am tomorrow. But, it felt good.
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It's been a busy week


My cafe' has closed! Sort of. "We are changing our hours to serve you better. We are open from 6am to 2pm, so enjoy us for your morning drive, or for lunch." That doesn't do me any good for my Tuesday afternoons in Greenwood, no does it?

Girl Genius #11. Ahhhh!!! Hell of a cliffhanger!
Ultimate Spider-Man #60. The art sucks! This had better not be a trend.

At my piano lesson, we did only the current practice piece, and it went... badly. Need more practice.


Doctor's appointment. See earlier LJ entry.


The monthly "soak & grind", but we got off late enough and had things to do in the morning that we elected to not do the grind, but go to julzerator's movie night Friday night.

But the soak was nice. I have got to get one of those things of my own...


Meetings. Not bad one those. A low stress group meeting, and then, the exciting one, a small tech kickoff, about a cableco down in SoCal who completely ditched RF coax (everybody hates the existing RF coax installed plant, everywhere), and instead are running gigabit fibre to the home, running video over IP multicast, and they want to see our box working with it. Cool! Fiber->IP Multi->MPEG is arguably only *right* way to do cableteevee.