June 4th, 2004


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Yesterday day I figured out what was nailing me all thru the night before last. Anxiety attacks. I had had them before, but never had a name to put to them. But sheerly by coincidence, I was yesterday reading my latest copy Parachutist, and there was an article about them.

And while assorted PSAs like to say "knowing, is half the battle", it doesn't seem to be a very useful half. I had a series of them again this last night, and I feel like shit.

Gym. Session 141. Back, Shoulders, Triceps.

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Had another one of those weird out of the blue compliments, this time from a pair of guys who I occasionally recall seeing there. As we 3 were all exiting the locker room at the same time, they told me that they had started about the same time I had, and I had made a lot more progress than them, and they were impressed. I was a little bit nonplussed, but said thanks.

Oh what a gorgeous day. It's pushing past 27°, nice clear sky, just a hint of a breeze. I've got the door wide open and the fans running to bring some outdoors indoors.

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According to an article excerpted in The Week a few weeks ago, referrencing Luke Cole, rootbeer fancier, some of the best root beers in the world are brewed right here in Washington State.

  1. Americana, Redmond
  2. XXX, Issaquah
  3. Henry Weinhard, Turnwater
  4. Scuttlebutt Brewery, Everett