June 2nd, 2004


Gym. Session 140. Chest & Biceps

I missed last Wednesday (illness), and Friday and Monday (`cause Steve took MemDay Weekend off), so I'm coming back from a week break. Which I think I really needed, I was really starting to overtrain, I felt, flipping back and forth between just upper front and upper back. Still no legs.

Man, what a glorious bright day.

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Cats and Vet

The other day, while clipping Kiddis claws, I noticed some big hard chucks of something attached some of of her pads, that she really didn't like having touched. So I called up my vet, and made an appt, and today after gym, came home for her to show up. (My vet does housecalls, only.)

It looks like when the little monsters shattered a food bowl several weeks ago, she cut her pads on the shards, and now she's worrying the scabs instead of letting them heal.

For now, she gets antibiotics and a special topical creme (which she doesnt like having applied (see "doesnt like having them touched", above)). If that doesn't clear them in a few weeks, then she probably has a shard imbedded in her paw, and that's going to be much fun to pull out.

Both Kiddi and Birki are down 3oz, and Sasha is up 3. Sha's skin rash is getting worse. I have to choose now between pregnizone (cheap but scattershot), a blood test (midrange price, midrange effective), or a skin patch test (expensive, gold standard, and 6wk waiting list).

It's so nice, I really don't want to go back to the office.

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A few days ago, I noticed my main creditcard wasn't in it's usual slot in my wallet. I figured that one of the nights I stumbled out of work at o'dark thirty and grabbed some food at the QFC on my way home, I had stuffed it into the wrong pocket or something.

Well. I've searched all my pockets off all the pants I've worn the past week, I sorted back thru all my pending laundry, I've disassembled my geek jacket (and those of you who know about that jacket are sure to be impressed, I've unloaded my backpack, I've checked every nook, cranny and crevasse in my car, I've checked every piece of paper on my desk, I've excavated my garbage, I've stripped my bed, and I checked with the manager of the last store that I last physically used it.

No luck.

FORTUNATELY, checking the unbilled activity log on the card's website, and then checking the pending charges with their TSR, nobody is using it.

But still, I had them kill the card and send me a new one.

Bother. It's been over 3 years since I had to have a card killed.