May 31st, 2004


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I'm sitting here by a fax machine, redialing ManlyServ, my employer's MSA processor. When I got here to send these faxes, another coworker was here doing the same thing, with no luck, and he left in disgust. But my first one went right thru, so I called him back, and after mine went, he sent his, and now I have another one to send, and now *I'm* the one hung up. It's feeding now, but I think it's double feeding some pages... well, I'm going to send a copy in the snailmail as well.

MSAs are farking stupid anyway. Should just make all medical expenses completely deductable, with no minimums or maximums, alongside the standard deduction, instead of this damnstupid "guess a number, get it deducted from your paycheck, and then either reclaim it or lose it at the end of the plan year".

Of course, much of the blame is mine, for literally waiting till the last day (and on the end of a long weekend, no less), to get my paperwork in.

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Italics mean I've seen it at least once.
Bold means I've seen it a whole lot/watched it religiously/etc.
Tiny means I have never seen it or even heard of it.
Big means that I've written fanfic/pondered writing fanfic about it.

  • 34. Red Dwarf Seen all of the first 4 seasons
  • 33. Strange Luck
  • 32. Stargate: SG-1
  • 31. Smallville Watched the first 4 eps
  • 30. Northern Exposure
  • 29. Highlander
  • 28. Wonderfalls
  • 27. The Daily Show
  • 26. Firefly Curse you FOX, curse your to Hell.
  • 25. Freaks and Geeks Watched one, and deleted it from my Replay
  • 24. Absolutely Fabulous
  • 23. Forever Knight Seen a few
  • 22. H. R. Pufnstuf It hurts to remember
  • 21. Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman
  • 20. Twin Peaks
  • 19. Dark Shadows
  • 18. Doctor Who Watched a couple of arcs, but PBS never would start an arc from the beginning and run it to the end, they would always start in the middle, and run to another middle
  • 17. The Avengers
  • 16. My So-Called Life
  • 15. Quantum Leap
  • 14. Beauty and the Beast I've seen one single episode (the "Its A Wonderful Life" one.)
  • 13. Babylon 5 (I know, I keep *meaning* to, but I have to start from the beginning.)
  • 12. Family Guy
  • 11. Mystery Science Theatre 3000
  • 10. Pee-Wee's Playhouse
  • 9. Xena: Warrior Princess my sister jatg was a hyper fan
  • 8. The Twilight Zone Seen a fair number of the classic ones
  • 7. The Prisoner Have seen one episode
  • 6. The Simpsons
  • 5. Monty Python's Flying Circus Seen all the movies, most of the teevee
  • 4. Farscape Watched the beinging with artvixn
  • 3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer watched several early season eps, then drifted out of it
  • 2. The X-Files I've seen two episodes total (the "lucky man" and the one with the giant crock"
  • 1. Star Trek Watched all of classic, all of TNG, the first half of DS9, the first two season of Voyager, and 4 episodes of Enterprise