May 26th, 2004


(no subject)

Something on the low level "to do" list has been the knowlege that TMBG was doing a concert in Seattle this summer, and I needed to get tickets.

(The last time they were supposed to be here, was 2001-09-12. Obviously, the concert got cancelled.)

Turns out that they are going to be here the same time I'm going to be up in Alaska with my dad and brothers.


I need multiple instances of me.

Spot the stupid bug

 { struct foo a; magicfunc((void *) &a, sizeof(a)); fprintf(stdlog, "value1 %d\n", a.x); }

{ uint8_t *b; b = (uint8_t *) malloc(N); magicfunc((void *) &b, N); fprintf(stdlog, "value2 %d\n", *(b+0)); } 

I've been beating myself over the head on this since yesterday afternoon, `till I *finally* saw that extra ampersand.

Mark feel dumb.