May 25th, 2004


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My head is jammed full of goo. I feel like Dave Lister with the "Space Mumps", only I only *wish* I could make my head explode. I'm extremely dehydrated, even tho I drank about 2l of water thru the night, pissed out almost none of it, and my sheets are not sopping with sweat. Where is the water going?

I think I will cancel my afternoon piano lesson.


I can't cancel work tho (even tho I'm already 8 hours ahead in my timelog for the week), there is a new weird project getting underway, that apparently requires my assistance, and the meeting for kicking it off my involvement is today. eBay

Someone already bought the DVD Player, and paid for it, so I've prepped the box to drop off at the local USPS on the way to work.


I found what looks like the almost perfect morse trainer for me. It does both the Koch and Farnsworth training methods. Except. Except that I can't get it to compile. And not because of changes in Qt, it seems, but because of changes in g++'s implementation of C++. Shit. There's a language I hate worse than JavaScript, and it's C++.

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Well, I did go to piano after all.


I attended the meeting that I mentioned earlier, and my task is as banal as I had feared. Apparently we still don't quite trust this new $PARTNER_COMPANY, and they don't quite trust us. Yet. So we don't get to see their source, and they don't get to see ours. So I get to figure out how to make our source tree compile down to objects and libraries, strip out all the source files, and then still be able to link and install and run. Given that our source/build system actively Does Not Like being built outside of the cradle it evolved in, this will be... interesting.

However, it's under a different PM, and my current PM will fight tooth and claw to keep me full time until the 7th, so right now, all I have to do is worry about this task, and answer occasional questions, instead of actively work on it.

As for what I *am* working on, it has turned into a grind of "read a few pages of specs, write another 20 lines of code, compile, run, cuss and swear, debug said lines, repeat", as I build a tower of carefully written, efficient, leak-free code from the subterranean world of the Linux USB handler, reading towards the firmament of the heavens that is the "User Photos App".

Still Sick

I sucked down *another* 2l of water at work, and yet another 2l before I got home, have pissed out maybe 0.5l, and I'm still dehydrated and yet "sweat-free". Where the Heck is all that water going?!

My kidneys hurt, my head is stuffed, my sinuses are pounding, and I'm feverish and somewhat shivery.


Which made the music lesson really Fun. I had been a bad boy, and not done much practicing, and also because I started the day not planning on going, I hadn't packed my music notebook or my current repertoire book. So we did refined scale drills (I'm *still* not getting my right thumb under in time going down.), and then duet sightreading work.

I think I'm actually finally starting to "get it". I was relaxing a bit more, and for many of the pieces, I was actually reading ahead a measure from what I was playing. (Recognizing each note in turn as it is to be struck is about as much "playing" as sounding out words from the spelling is "reading".)

New Fedora OS

My (this) laptop, amsu, is currently running Fedora Core 1. Core 2 just recently came out of beta. Instead of downloading it, I asked around some of the Usual Suspects at work, and learned that one of them indeed has a wget running, sucking down the ISO images. He'll give me a set of burned CDROMs tomorrow. I look forward to seeing how much improved it is. Plus, it's really time to nail down my partition formatting, this will be a good time to set up a hibernation partition, so I don't have to actually /sbin/shutdown all the time.