May 21st, 2004


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After work (and after feeding and hydrating the cats), I headed down to the `Spot for the Grind. Some friends of mine were to be there to help a friends of theres celebrate her anniversary while her SO is working in Iraq.

I shouldn't have danced. I really shouldn't have. I had already retweaked my knee by feeling excessively energetic, and leaping the stone wall in my front yard to get the mail. But just like Kevin Kline's character in "In&Out", I couldn't not. (I'm paying for it now, of course. Ouch.)

No less than *four* people who know me only by having me appear on their match list on OkCupid introduced themselves. All of them pretty cute, too.

Of course, it being the Grind, there were several examples of good eye candy in attendance.

After all my friends left, I ended up chatting with and enjoying some time with a nice lady who had been surreptitiously (but not well) eying me most of the night.
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