May 10th, 2004


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Weatherwise, what a glorious day. At least, until the abrupt blowing in of the gray sky and the unusually fast and heavy rain squall. But this things happen...

Preparations for a Party

Around noon, I went to REI to pick up the bicycle that is omahass birthday present to elfs. Then south down to their place to help them get ready for the party. Their friend P—r (I don't know if he has an LJ identity) was there, technically in town for WinHEC, that he was here for the gathering was Merely A Coincidence. I acted as driver and assistant to O for food shopping, and pitched in to help for the last of the preparations.

A Good Party

It was a good party, a good couple of dozen people came. And I could even name most of them, something at which I am impressed with myself (it takes me a very long time to remember people's names). But I cannot map them to LJ identities very well still, so I won't make a list here.

I'll let him or O describe his birthday spanking. *grin*


I woke up a bit stiff, with a surprisingly small headache. But still sucked down a litre and change of water almost immediately. Unusually vivid dreams, too.

I enjoyed a breakfast as their guest, then hugged O and Kouryou-chan goodbye, and went home, with much plans to get much done.

Which didn't happen. Sigh. I need motivation in a pill.

I did zip open and sort two days worth of mail.


I've been subpoenaed by King County, in some case of some guy I've never heard of, to appear at "exactly 1:27 pm" on June 15th. It's probably got something to do with the auto accident last March. I will check the name against the unified police report, and if it matches someone, give GEICO a call.

If it doesn't match, what should I do. I don't want to go into this cold. I guess maybe get a lawyer. Great, another unbudgeted non-minor expense.


Every year for Mother's Day, I get my mom wurtmann a rose bush. It's something my grandmother's kids did for her, and she ended up with an impressive rose garden. I blatantly stole the idea, and my mom has likewise been turning the Atwood Compound into a lovely distributed rose garden (my grandmother centralized hers, while my mom has spread them into nooks and crannies all over the landscaping). Also, I've been doing it "by remote control" the last several years, given that I'm not in Utah, and I don't want to phone in an order for a "generic rosebush", so instead she gets to pick out the one she wants, and I pay for it.

Anyway, here is the rose for this year.

Peppermint Rose, Mother's Day, 2004

Rock Star Energy Drink and USB Storage

There is something I really want to make a major dent in by tomorrow. So I'm wiring up on Diet Rock Star, and about to throw myself into it.

The problem of the moment. Given a USB memory reader device that has slots for CompactFlash, MMC&SD, SmartMedia, and MemoryStick. And given that it doesn't generate USB or SCSI events when a memory device is inserted into one of the slots, quickly detect the existence of a media when it's inserted, determine the filesystem type, and mount it, without chewing up 100% of the CPU, a 100% of the USB bandwidth, and without long annoying timeouts. (I frikking swear, detect timeouts are an abomination. If a device driver has a "hold and timeout" mode, that means that some moron wasn't thinking, there is never an excuse for doing things that way when you specify both ends of a short comms channel.)

Gym. Back & Triceps.

I was at work yesterday from 9pm until 5am this morning. Went home, set my alarm for 11am, crashed. Woke up at 10am because my cats had started nosing my ears to say "Get up. Feed me. Get up. It's *my* turn to be on that pillow. Get up." Who am I to argue? I spent the "extra" hour working on the piano and reading a chapter of Getting Things Done.

When checking my calendar, I discovered I had doubleschedule myself tomorrow, with the MRI and the dentist at the same time. Fixed that.

Then off to the gym. Machine Pull-Up & Machine Dip. Machine Row, 100 lb. Low Back Raise & Free Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press. I love what my arms look like in the mirror when I do that, especially the last set, which we again "superweighted" on a back-supporting bench. Hammer Frame Iso-Lateral High Row. A new exercise, Shoulder Cable Standing Side Raise. Just a piddly little 10lb this time, but it's really *focused* right into the shoulder. Yow. Seated Tricep Dumbbell Overhead Press, with a new weight, 45lb. See above about arms and mirrors. It gives me a perfect few of my brand new tris at their maximum pump and pop. My arms look like someone else's, not the flabby little wet sticks that my self-visualization insists that I have. My trainer tells me that I'm also developing the classic "slot" down my spine, from the rows and raises. I can reach back and feel it, but I can't twist my head around to see it. Finished off with Tricep Cable Pulldown.

Online Government

When I gave the totaled wreck (X X X X) of the old Forester to GEICO in exchange for the settlement check this last April Fools Day, I was supposed to report the transfer to the Washington State Department of Licensing (there's a form to do exactly that attached to the bottom of the Title Certificate).

I had let it slip, and let it slip, and finally this evening burned my why thru a pile of paperwork until it came up. I filled out the form, and then when to the WA DOL's website to find my closest "licensing agent" and find out what the fee was going to be.

Turns out that I can fill out and submit the same form online. For free. So I did.

It like the DOL has gone web enabled in a big way. The whole "independent licencing agency" scam, and also the whole traditional "stand in line at the DMV" scene is fading like a bad dream.

What *really* amazed me was that it worked Just Fine in Mozilla on Linux, and refrained from any IEisms and from any fancy JavaShit.
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