May 3rd, 2004


Gym. Chest & Biceps & Abs

Legs are still no go.

While I was waiting for Steve, one of 24Hr's "used car salesmen" (as I call them) locked his sights onto me. Sigh, I know it's their job, but I really don't respond well to super enthusiastic corporate whore outgoingness.

The hammer chest frame was in use, so we did the classic old-skool straight bar Bench Press. Damn, those are hard, even at a slightly lower weight.

Then the Inclined Bench Dumbbell Press. Went up another 5lb per hand, to a pair of 45s, which is now enough that if I'm not carefully when starting, they will lever me right off the bench on the initial pick-them-up-off-the-floor.

Machine Chest Fly cycled with Plank.

And then a triple set, Seated Ball Dumbell Bicep Curl, cycled with Ball Crunch (sets of 35), cycled with Feet-On-Ball Pushup. Yes, pushups. I still have an annoying mental block on doing them on the floor, even tho my numbers on the chest and arms weights say that I *should* be able to bang out push-ups by the dozens, but doing them this way was different enough, that I got them done.

Hammer Frame Preacher Curl. Added another 15lbs. Wow.

We finished off with Suspended Cross Crunch and then Reverse Crunch.

I'm almost out of sessions, so I asked Steve to have 3 sets of 10 ready for me to sign this next Wednesday.