May 2nd, 2004


My Saturday

Wherein I pop a personal cherry, and am only mildly annoyed.

I participated in my first "protest" today. Seriously. Chants and placards and the whole nine yard.

Some folks had booked SafeCo field, and invited James Dobson of "Focus on the Family" (who is a perfect example of the LDS quotation of "They draw close to Me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me") to come speak, and whip up the local troops against "them darn queers, what tryin' t' git married an' all". Many of the usual suspects here in Seattle decided to throw the attendees at this event a "welcoming party".

I had thought about going, and thought against it, and thought about it, and thought against it. I don't like crowds. I don't like protesters. I think chants and placards are usually just an annoying waste of time. And I despise the "portmanteau" politics of the left, and I utterly refuse to have anything to do with anything that will attract the Eugene Anarchist Asshole brigade.

OTOH, I utterly *loath* James Dobson's crew, and consider the DOMA to be the depths of venal banality and banal venality, and this is an issue that is more than a little important to me and mine.

So I decided to go, and give the crowd an eye over before I joined. If I saw a noticeable number of "US Out Of Iraq Now" and "Israel Out Of Palestine Now" sentiment on any placards, they could include me out.

Well, they passed my test, and I added my body to the mass.

Of course, once I did, there *were* people handing out "Socialist Workers Party Of America" newspapers (only a dollar a copy!) who tried to engage me about "But we're killing innocents in Iraq? What's your problem, do you own a lot of Shell and Halliburton stock?" (that, btw, is a near exact quote). They got a curt "fuck off, that's not why I'm here, and you're here for the wrong reason".

Oh, and my dislike of chanting and of people with megaphones was reinforced. There were two guys with megaphones, and they really needed to have them taken from their hands and shoved up their ass instead.

But, still, I stayed.

And it looked to me like "we" had more people there than Focus On The Family was able to bus in from all over the state.

Socialization. And cooked meat.

After that, I stopped at the SafeCo Krispy-Kreem, and then the Ballard Safeway, and then went to intrepid_reason's BBQ lawn party.

It was much fun, five hours of slowly eating roasted meat and sitting around being sociable with a dozen or so other folks. The donuts were a hit, the unsalted potato chips, not so much.

"You're much more scary tall, in the dark."

Pretty things wrapped around pretty things.

I didn't decide to go to Gothique III fashion show at the Catwalk until the last minute. It was loud, it was dark, it started late, and the crowd was less, um, "good" (more ordinary night clubber, more stupid young bucks with too much testosterone and too underdeveloped of prefrontal lobes) than the Merc. But still, there were people I knew there (including one designer and several models), and the clothing, both on the runway, and in the crowd, and the bodies it was wrapped around, were wonderful and gorgeous.

The cursed parking lot ticketed me, even tho I had paid. I will have to yell at them Monday. This is the second time they've dinged me even tho I paid.