March 31st, 2004



From staying up way late Monday night, I didn't go in to work Tuesday morning. I was enough hours ahead, and had done enough miracle working, that I felt that I both deserved it and could get away with it.

My cats *love* it when I stay home.

A nice slow waking, and a fair bit of focused work on the piano.

At 2pm, I went into Seattle for an appt with Dr Anna, my dentist, for the second half of the deep cleaning. She offered several times "dont you want to be numb?", but I always turned it down. I hate how `cain feels, and it only hurt enough to make me flinch a few times. Tho I was crushing down pretty hard on the arms of the chair.

The next-level-up claims adjuster called me back, but was not in front of a working computer at the moment, so we made an appt in a half hour to go over... things. Just as I was getting settled in at the cafe (with jezel, who had come by to hang out), my phone rang, right on time. But it was the wrong insurance company, it was that of one of the other drivers. I told her that I might have to drop off on a moment's notice, let her fiddle with her recorder, and then did a recorded interview/statement. *My* adjuster never called.

After that, Jezel and I wandered around the Greenwood district a bit, stopping in at the local PAWS storefront to say hello to the cats they had in stock.

Piano lesson went well. (It helps to practice.) Yet another new varient on scales, starting at C major again, but just playing 1,3,5,8 up and down, fast and smooth. When done right, it sounds like a harp. More work on the Minuet. More work on sightreading duets.

Instead of going right home, I went to work instead, and split my time between studying the internals of Linux Kernel USB hotplugging, and the Atom XML specification.

I had received a package too, from Rose Comics. Grin. Time will have to be set aside to enjoy them in detail.

Gym. Legs.

Rolling back in sync with the daylight people again. I got up, and made it to gym on time, at 11:30am

Today was legs. Again, low reps, high weight, but again, we kept the weight the same as last time, due to my break.

Leg press. Seated Calves. (A change, usually we dont do them that early). Leg Extension cycled with Unloaded Lunge. Leg Curl cycled with Ball Leg Curl. Stepup. Standing Calves.

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I finally got to speak at length with the boss-adjuster, and she actually had (gasp) *numbers*. A somewhat decent number, even. It's going to SUCK to wring out of my liquid savings and credit the nearly 4K short tho. Hopefully (one can dream), that will be something I can beat out of the guy that hit me.