March 16th, 2004


Mark Iz Looopy

According to my timelog, it's Tuesday morning, and I've already been here for 27.5 hours, so I'm already over TWO DAYS "ahead".

I'm going home at noon, and I think tomorrow will be somewhat in a recovery mode.

Piano is this evening. Hoo boy.

It will be no worse than doing gym yesterday was, super heavy weights on the machine, my blood hopped up on honey and creatine, and me about to fall asleep on my feet.

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I left work at 1030 instead of noon, and went right to bed, to wake at 3:30pm (half an hour late already) to the phone. Said phone call would not have been fun anyway, and was even less so while waking up. Even now still, six hours later, it's triggering little flashs of resentments that I thought I had already processed months and months ago.

Piano went well. I had my books laid out to pick up as I stepped out the door, and so, of course, I forgot to. So the time instead was spent doing nearly a whole book of sight-reading duets. Duets as sight-reading exercises are... challenging. They are "hard realtime", to use a computer engineering term, in that a dropped note, a wrong node, and a *late* note are about equal failures. You can't slow down to read the "hard ones", and you have to keep time all the time, not just in the easy sections.

I am craving cookie dough.

I think I shall, instead, have some melatonin, and force myself to relax, and try to fall asleep.

But I want cookie dough...