March 15th, 2004


Geekery about music streams. Microsoft can blow me.

While waiting for the latest snapshot to build, I started at, and proceeded to peel apart layers of html frames, redirects, javascript, and asf files, until I finally got the "real" URL, mms://, and then did a little bit of research, and determined that a tricked up mplayer is a mms client.

And lo, it works! For some reason, the mms client code requires that I use the -nocache command line parameter, else it tries to preload a full megabyte.

Now I can listen to my radio station on my Linux laptop.
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I feel a rant building, regarding just how shittingly baroque C++ is as a language. I swear, it's a joke that the entire damn industry mistook for a serious propsal, and now nobody wants to admit that the emperor is naked.

But in the meantime, meat is a passable substitute for sleep.

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Someone just asked.

I'm still on IM, and leave Gaim running all the time. I'm just not in Yahoo Messenger at the moment, as Yahoo has frozen out Gaim. The Gaim teams promises that YM will work again with the next release, but they don't have a timetable.

Life is going to suck when the RedBull wears off.