February 19th, 2004


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It's 2:30 in the morning, and I can't sleep.


Right after work, hooked up with jezel for awhile. And cleaned my apartment. Quite a lot. It looks pretty good. I even mopped the litterbox area with descenter, and bleached the bathroom, and ammonia'ed the soapscum (is there ANYTHING that will lift that stuff without also peeling off the porcelain?) and squeegee'ed the sliding door.

And yet, I seem to have misplaced my jar of laundry money. How does someone misplace a quart jar full of quarters? I don't know, but I did.

But, even with a freshly made clean bed, in a nice clean home... no sleep.

Finally, I got dressed, and came to work to hack for a bit.

This is pathetic.

(no subject)

My apartment is as clean as it's been since I moved in, and ...

... the manager and owners never showed.

I should have just left it as is, I mean, all they would really have been interested in was actual safety, damage, and major hygiene issues, not whether my carpet was vacuumed and my windows clean.

TLC's "Clean Sweep" is my current transcendental vegetation content of choice. And it's infecting me with visions of putting up artwork, and putting some shelves up in the closet and bathroom, and replacing the wrecked sliding door vertical blinds with a dowel curtain rod and curtains.

TLC is running so many shows like "Trading Spaces", "Clean Sweep", "Fix Up", "Makeover", "Monster Home" and so forth, all in the same genre. Does the genre even have a name? It's not exactly "reality tv", like "Survivor" or that one on MTV.

Annoyance at work. The current tip of tree builds, but it crashes on startup. People are supposed build and test this sort of thing before they check their changes into the repository!