February 13th, 2004


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No Instant Ice Cream

Crud. Kirkland Praxair won't rent out their dewar anymore. There goes the Instant Ice Cream plans. I may have to be a complete loser, and not bring a Weird Food to the Weird Food Party tonight.

Gym. Legs.

Gym was, of course, today again. Since I skipped on Wednesday, I'm now off by one, and so did legs today instead of back. Loaded up the hacksquat machine (45+45+25+25+sled) and the one leg press (45+45), and did my standard 3x15

I was feeling pretty good, until one of the off-duty trainers, who is BIG and LEAN, set up a bench under the Smith frame, and proceeded to do (not easily, but do) 3x12 290lb inclined bench presses. It's hard not to feel just a little bit jealous.

I finished off the sheet for the day (ballsquat, lunge, leg extention, leg curl, hip abductor, hip adductor), full 3x15s on each. I could barely walk between machines.

The Task That Will Not Die

The Task That Will Not Die has been "kicked up a notch". Our partner has shipped us a loaded up Dell workstation, a guy here installed a stock RH7.3 on it, and now I'm turning it into a stand-alone development workstation. I will make it work like that here, and I will make them watch it work here. But... I just know that it will work here, and will still not work there.

I was wanted to spend the day working on a fun little research project I've been asked to help with, making an external USB2 DVD drive play DVD movies on a stock-ish RH system.

I'm pushing close to 50 hours this week. And I really wish that I could either get $$$ for the extras, or TOIL.

My boss just came by. He is Not Happy that this TTWND is still around, it's been escalated up to Our Owner, who of course, reacts to everything with "how hard can it be?".

The Quest for a new computer

I'm getting really pissed about being beaten by ten bucks each time for the IBMTP T23's I'm bidding on in turn. Grrr!!! I got to play a little bit with a coworker's T23. The keyboard wasn't quite as solid as the 600's, apparently the keyboard on the T30 and T40 are wonderful (IBM has always had the best keyboards), but those are a bit rich for my wallet still.

The last one was named khem, after a black egyptian mau that I fostered for a while. ("Khem" means "black" in some Egyptian language, I was told.) I need a good "black cat" name for the new one. Jet, Noir, Ink, Onyx, ...