February 10th, 2004


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Saturday night

I went to CapHill to go to the Merc. Just as I was about to get there, a gentleman accosted me with the old "I need two dollars or they are going to tow my car" scam. I would be more sympathetic, except that I hear exactly the same scam about every 4 months. (Plus, I didn't have two dollars on me, and I was NOT giving him a Jackson.)

Then I discovered I was too early, they were not open yet. I really need to start wearing a watch regularly, judging lateness by looking at the sky Does Not Work here, especially when the Grey Lid is in place over the city.

While walking down Broadway (in full leather, with my Lands End jacket over the top (this outfit deserves a leather jacket to go with it)), just in front of the Jack In The Box, I think I was solicited for a drug transaction. At least, a tall dark skinned gentleman approached me to say "Hey, man, how doing? Want some good rocks?" "No, thank you."

The Merc was ok. Some conversation with artvixn.

I left about 1am, went home, stayed up reading catalogs from Lee Valley and Lindsay's Technical Books. They make me want to take up hobbies of gardening, cabinetry, and metalworking.


Peeled out of bed at about noon. Made a phone call. No answer. Repeated it. No answer. Crud, it looks like I got stood up. Sigh.

The new Teen Titans episode, Fear Itself was decent. Better than last week's Only Human, which started well, but had a stupid conclusion. (When Cyborg realizes that he can't beat Atlas in brute strength, because he is half human, the statement "it will be the human half that beats you" should not mean "if I concentrate really hard, I can make my machine half stronger", it should have instead been "I am flexible and adaptable, and can win this fight other ways than just being physically stronger than you."

Did some chores. Did some piano. Puttered around. Went to work, puttered there. Called elfs, asked if I could come watch the rest of Read or Die. He invited me down for dinner pizza.

When I got there, he was out taking Yamarashi-chan back to her mother's house. I helped keep Kouryou-chan entertained. She had a raspy sore throat that gave her the cutest little grown-up-ish "husky voiced actress" voice. Poor little girl was running out of steam all evening.


Maybe maybe the current Annoying Task at work is getting solved. It looks to be a network configuration problem at the remote site, and the guy there is crash learning RedHat-ish network configuration and getting it to work.

Gym. Session 116/124. Chest, Bicep, Abs. We tried the free weight bench press again. I really don't like it, it makes me paranoid about my shoulders, and it's really not comfortable. The frames and machines are better exercises across the motion as well, but the free weight is THE classic workout weightlift (the other being the free squat). Enough people have blown their shoulders and the knees on those, I feel little need for "tradition". Flowed right into inclined dumbbell press, hammer grip dumbbell bicep curl, hammer frame bicep curl (new higher weight), ball crunch (with a 25lb plate tucked under my chin), machine butterfly, free crunch, and plank.

After work, drove into town for "Farscape Night" at artvixn's place. I had heard good things about the show, but that it needed to be watched in order, so this seemed like a good way to get into it.