February 4th, 2004


Yesterday and Today

Gym. Session 113 of 124. Legs.

I went really heavy on the one-leg leg-press today. Steve said "see if you can do 10 or 12". I did 15. Three times. Go me. It's very hard on the teeth (clenching them), but I did it, and not much burn either. My new doping is working, I think. A heaping spoon of creatine, and two spoons of table sugar, in a big glass of warm water, half an hour prior. The downside is that about quarter to one, I sugar crash, hard. Nauseated and dizzy, but after a short BRB, I pulled my marbles together enough to finish the chart.

In a few weeks, I'm going to have to decide whether to buy more sessions, or try to keep going on my own.

Yesterday, Driving Ms jezel.

My planned errands in Seattle yesterday got disrupted by taking jezel down to Highline Community College to turn in her résumé, application, and "why hire me" essays. They are building a brand new Early Childhood Education center there, and this job is both perfect and really really really needed for her.

Yesterday, Piano

Because of that, I was a few minutes late getting to Mr Henry's, but he was there waiting for me. We spent a lot of the time talking about musical history, and why baroque music often sounds dissonant and choppy to modern ears. That dissonance was upsetting me while working on Menuet en Rondeau, which is French Baroque. I kept thinking I was hitting the wrong notes.

As it was, I learned that I had practiced it wrong anyway, playing the left hand legato, when in baroque music the longer notes are supposed to be disconnected. After two years of working to make the notes smoothly joined, it's Really Hard to play not smoothly joined.

Cat Food.

I had forgotten to get a new case of cat food at the Cat Clinic, something that Birkenstock complained about last night and this morning. Loudly. I couldn't even get some stopgap stuff at All The Best, they were closed when I got home, and they don't open till 10:30am. So I swung by there today right before gym, picked up a couple of cans of "venison & deep sea fish" and offered them up. They were well received.

Right after gym, I hurtled quickly to the Cat Clinic, got a case of KD Minced (it's a prescription only food), and a handful of venosets (something else I had run out of).

Musing and Remembering. Painting flowers, and stupid teachers.

Last night, while drifting off to fall asleep, I was suddenly assailed by a memory. In the 3rd or 4th grade, I had started looking at pictures of flowers in a children's dictionary I owned at the time, and using acrylic paints, painting full sized images of them, that usually were better than the thumbnails in the dictionary. I was good. It was fun. My teachers in school were impressed. Until one day one of my peers asked what kind of flower it was, so I painted in the name as well. At which point the teacher insisted that I had "ruined" the painting. I never painted another one.

Looking back 25 years, I don't know which upsets me more, that that teacher would be so ignorantly callous, or that the young me would have let such an obviously bogus criticism make me stop.

I hadn't remembered or thought of that incident for many years.


The headache of the day/week. Supporting why our source tree, being built outside it's "native soil", doesn't yield an execution tree that runs properly. I barely can follow how it works on my own desk, let alone figure out why it doesn't work via e-mail in a strange environment.


Chive flavored cottage cheese is an experiment that I think I shall not repeat. I'm developing a taste for turkey pastrami tho. And it's the cheapest meat in the deli, which is a nice bonus.


"Favorite Tunes" shuffle playing into my headphones at work.

Listening to "Burly Brawl" is no longer exciting. Instead it just leaves me pissed off at the Wachowski brothers for being so gratuitously and disappointingly stupid.

I've not gotten bored with "All Things" yet, but I'm sure it will happen eventually.

I enjoy the excitement and emotional resonances that some tunes give me, but it never lasts. Each re-listen drains it of energy, until it's just gray and lifeless in my ears.

"Raining Men" has surprisingly good staying power, tho. But only the Weather Girls original, not the Geri Halliwel cover. I mean, can she possibly sound MORE bored?

Bitching and Moaning

Nothing but reruns and dontwanttonights on the ReplayTV.

Piano practice until the notes and lines swim in my vision, and it starts sounding worse instead of better. Just do that every day, and it would sound decent for the salon in April

No bills in the mail. That was nice.

A friendly coworker lent me his Firefly DVD set. He bought it on my recommendation of the show. It has 4 unaired episodes (curse you Fox, curse you to heck). I would like to do a Firefly marathon, but not tonight, not alone.

I wonder if I could bittorrent down parts two and three of Read or Die rapidly enough to be worth the effort?

Some dishonest waste of space out there has my computer. I only had my name all over it, and all over the PCMCIA cards, and my business cards in that case, and my name and phone number in the notebook it was with. It has my notebook. It has my journal from my Christmas trip. It has the cables for my camera, and for my music box. I want it back! And I want to take a tire iron to the shithead that took it. But I will be content with just getting it back.

It's too late to call the east coast and talk with JudyG.

The only consistent way to provoke a comment into my LJ is get political. And I have less and less heart for the fight.

I had a brainstorm for one of my personal opensource development projects, and to get out of the house, so I went back to the one `net-connected workstation I have access to now, and as soon as I sat down, my brain fuzzed up. I'm starting to really hate this cubicle. I'm starting to hate cubicles in general.

My legs are weary, from my hips to my soles, from the skin down to the bone. They're going to hurt on Friday, I know it. Why do muscles have to be torn and stressed to be strong. We don't have to abuse our teeth to make them hard. Whoever prattles on about "the perfection of the human body" hasn't taken a close enough look.

I have both The Headache, and a headache.

I need a hottub. And a massage. A good one.

Why am I so jumpy, grumpy, and pissy?

*lightbulb* (dig through garbage)

The free-sample "energy snack bar" I got at the supermarket this afternoon when buying lunch?

It was, indeed, full of peanut butter.


That doesn't make me feel any better.