January 22nd, 2004


(no subject)

After dozing off sitting on elfs couch last night, I made my way home, and after feeding the cats (they would not let me sleep otherwise), I crashed into bed, for over 10 hours.

So I was a bit late getting into work, but that's ok.

I'm almost done with this big annoying nailing-jelly-to-a-tree task, writing an automatic sanitizer that will make a half built copy of our source tree sharable with our development partners without violating source-code non-disclosure agreements of code we've licenced. It's stupid and annoying, and a pain in the ass to test. (Whenever it screws up my working source tree copy, I have to blow the whole tree away, and check out a fresh copy, which takes a while.)

I got a call today from a lady who works up in CapHill. She had just seen one of my posters, and called to say that she had seen early this week the police bust some kid outside her office with a bag of stolen property, and one of the things the officers were handling was a laptop computer. Could it be mine? I made a call into that precinct, and left a voice mail message. Hope hope hope.

I really dont want to buy a replacement laptop, I was wanting my next portable computer to be something more like this.

These checkouts take forever. There has got to be a way to tell p4 to force checkout only part of a tree...