January 18th, 2004


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Well, Mark is an idiot.

I either left my laptop at the Vivace Roasteria, or else I left it on the sidewalk next to my Forester while I was changing out of my heavy jacket to go clubbing.
I'll let you know which.

I'm tempted to stay up the mere two hours until the Vivace opens at 6:30am, just to see.

I stayed up way late last night, not productively tho. After some sleep, I got up around noon, did a few chores, watered the cat, and worked on my piano piece. At 4pm, I went to Cap Hill for the regular monthly social gathering at the Vivace. Fun, tho sparsely attended. Then I spent the next several hours wandering around Cap Hill, shopping and people watching. I went back to the Vivace, used their wireless to do some reading, and then went to the Merc.

Which was fun, it was crowded, but saw very very few people I knew, mosly just artvixn. After a few hours of sitting on my butt, I sucked down a litre of water and a redbull, and then spent the next 5 hours out on the dance floor. Much eye candy was seen and enjoyed. Made my legs and feet hurt. I still have almost no sense of rhythm (it's a bit easier when I have a close partner to try to sync to), and I'm embarrassed still by my lack, but no longer enough so to not actually go dance.

After they shut down at 4am, I stumbed back to the Forester, at which point I noticed the lack of my computer. The Forester hadn't been broken into... I had just stupidly left it somewhere. Either on the sidewalk, or at the cafe'.

Please please please, I hope I left it at the cafe. Or else it's found by someone honest. Or it turns up mostly undamaged at a local pawn place or at Seattle Laptop.

Mark is an idiot.