January 9th, 2004


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Tomorrow, on Sat Jan 10 05:37:04 2004, local time (PST), the UNIX timebase will be exactly 2 to the 30th, exactly "halfway" to the "UNIX time rollover catastrophe".

You can run echo $((1073741824 - $(date +%s))) at a UNIX shell prompt to watch it count down.

I'm blowing my diet

There is a new candybar I am helpless to resist.

It's called, simply enough, a "Nestle Toll House Candy Bar", and it's basically a wad of raw cookie dough with a thin cheap chocolate shell around it.

Mmmm.... Cookie dough...

(Demonstrating that a really good product doesnt need a really good name, while it's generally crappy products that have the really fancy marketing department tuned names.)