Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

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Yuck, I'm coming down with a cold.

A lot of people are. I knew that I was going to catch it soon enough, there were enough people around me this last week who were sniffling and scratchy-voiced.

Digeo, my employer, has a win or drop dead demo on Monday, so we had a pre-demo today, and had a pre-pre-demo yesterday. I swear, this company works on "development by demo". Every few weeks, real work stops getting ready for some demo. Except when they spring it on you by surprise.

A friend of mine emailed that he's working in tech again. Cool! I knew about it before he did, and infact made the gafe of congratulating him via email and got a reply saying "Huh? I'm still working in a deli."

I need to get a trim too. A few days ago I got the sudden urge to rip my face off, and that's the clue that my beard has gotten too full. This weekend sometime. That's be the last of this blonde frost on my right cowlick. Should get it done again.

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