December 17th, 2003


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Yesterday, after pulling an 11am meeting to 830am, I finally went home, fed the cats, and then fell into bed. Woke up at 3pm, but didnt drag out till 4pm, washed and dressed and on my way down to omahas.

Dinner was my last slab of salmon, which unfortunately turned out to have gotten freezerburned, and almost a pound of it got carved off and trashcanned. But the rest was decently good, especially with the sauce that elfs and omahas glazed it with prior to roasting it.

After dinner she and I made our way to the Cinerama for the 1:30am showing of "The Return of the King". (We had tried to get tickets to the trilogy triple play, but that is an older story...) As we got in line, we decided that chairs were in order, so we walked to BedBath&Beyond, and lo, they had folding outdoor chairs front and center, seven bucks each. I got two, with an eye towards selling one in line. (I failed in that attempt, oh well).

Sucked down a local Red Bull to survive the line wait, with another one held in reserve for the start of the flick.

Chatted with jatg on the phone, as she was waiting to see it herself (for the third time, the stink). There were between 8 and 13 wireless access points within beacon range, but none of them were very fast, and the cold shut down my laptop batteries after only a few minutes. (Otherwise I would have LJed from the line.)

Waited waited waited. Huddled and shivered under a blanket for warmth. It was just windy and just humid enough to be too frikkin COLD. Socialized and chatted, talked, teased, and flirted. Got interviewed by a pair of kids who were doing a documentary for their High School film class. (Damn, 17yo kids get younger every year...).

At one point in the wait, a car drove by and a kid stuck his head out the window and shouted "Lord of the Rings Sucks!"

Yes, indeed folks, it was a real live actually literal "drive by" troll.

The movie was cool. Omaha was, unsurprisingly, not happy about some of the changes, but seemed on the whole happy how it turned out. I liked it much.

Back down to Omaha's house, fell asleep on a spare bit of bedspace. Lots of interesting and fun dreams, which fell apart like grabing old spiderwebs when I tried to remember them after waking.) Woke after 1pm, realized I had blown off my gym trainer session without calling. Damn, oops.

Sat with Kouryou-chan for a little bit, she had just returned from her kids group, while collecting myself.

At work now.

Having a job really cuts into either having free time, or having time to recover from having free time.