December 13th, 2003


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Posting from the Aurafice Café in Capitol Hill in Seattle.

Lots of errands and running around today. Pushed the bedsheets thru the washer and dryer. Then went out.

Put the package to Utah in the mail. (Mom, I know you are reading this. When it arrives, open it and put the gifts under the tree, put the video tapes aside for jatg, and put the ripped up jeans into your pile of quilting fabric.)

Grabbed lunch (quarter kg of sliced turkey, and a similar amount of raw spinach leaves, caveman-diet fastfood, yum). Speaking of which, I hit 209.0 lb this morning!

Drove into Seattle. Picked up another case of K/D prescription catfood for Birki at the Cat Clinic. Stocked up on, ahem, some consumable supplies at Toyland.

Went to the WetSpot vendor fair. Just as I parked, I saw j5nn5r about to pull out, so I stopped him and we chatted for a moment. I was hoping to get a Green Man leather mask, but there was no mask makers there this time. Lots of cool stuff tho. Bought some scented hemp oil (low melting point, literally turns into massage oil when it burns) candles, and chatted with a couple of knife makers, and a furniture maker. Got a Very Nice 20minute chair massage. She noticed my right shoulder. I walk around for 6 years with a heavy bookbag on that shoulder, and here it is almost a decade later, and it's STILL a huge knot.

After that, came back up to Cap Hill, tried to give some money to the owner of MusicWerks for the extra money he had accidentally refunded to me, but he was shocked by my honesty and refused to take it. I'll be back to buy more music from him. I hope he survives, he's had to cut down to being open just on the weekends.

Then walked next door to the Aurafice Café to take advantage of their wireless hotspot, and check the directions to a co-workers holiday party, down in Renton.

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It's not fair. C89.5FM is playing "Things Just Keep Getting Better" aka "The QEftSG Theme". It's not yet available to the public.

Alphabet Mark.

A is for AGE: 34.
B is for BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND: I have and have had lovers, but currently have no "boyfriend" or "girlfriend".
C is for CAREER IN FUTURE: Software Development. Probably.
D is for DAD'S NAME: Ronald
E is for ESSENTIAL ITEM TO BRING TO A PARTY: Myself. Camera. Smile.
F is for FAVOURITE SONG AT THE MOMENT: "Things Just Keep Getting Better"
G is for GUYS/GIRLS YOU'VE KISSED: You want a number or a list? I'll have to think. Not enough. Need practice.
H is for HOMETOWN: Seattle, at present.
J is for JOB TITLE: Software Developer. (My business card actually says "Engineer", but I dislike that habit in the software deveopment community. The word "Engineer" should be reserved to actual certified and licenced Professional Engineers. In software, there are "Software Developers", "Software Architects", and "Project Managers", but almost no actual "Engineers").
K is for KIDS: None. So far.
L is for LIVING ARRANGEMENT: Live alone in a single bedroom apartment with 3 cats.
M is for MUM'S NAME: Barbara
O is for OVERNIGHT HOSPITAL STAYS: None since my birth.
P is for PHOBIAS: Lots of fears, but no phobias.
Q is for QUOTE YOU LIKE: "When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all."
R is for RELATIONSHIP THAT LASTED THE LONGEST: My family. I havn't broken up with them yet, and it's lasted 34 years. Sometimes rocky, but still there.
S is for SEXUAL POSITION: My favorites? Again, I could make a list...
T is for TIME YOU WAKE UP EVERYDAY: Usually about 8am
U is for UNIQUE TRAITS: Ummm...
V is for VEGETABLE YOU LOVE: Spinach. Yum...
W is for WORST HABIT: Judgementalism, both outward and inward.
X is for XRAY'S YOU'VE HAD: Just my teeth.
Y is for YUMMY FOOD YOU MAKE: Noodle Goop. Instant Ice Cream.
Z is for ZODIAC SIGN: Pisces. I think. I actually had to Google for information on the Zodiac to look it up.