December 10th, 2003


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A 90% cacao solids black chocolate bar, and 2 cans of sugar free Red Bull before my piano lesson, and I stay up all night. Well, I got a fair bit done, but now the crash is starting too happen, I can feel the walls of my awareness start to crumble, and I am supposed to be at work in just over two hours.

Dumb Mark, dumb! Unwise, at least.

Just that sleeping late and staying up late feels so... natural. Sunrises in Seattle in December are certainly not something worth trying to be up for.

I know there are better brands than Red Bull, but I like that this stuff is sugar free. I'm down to about what I weighed when I got married, and my pants haven't been this loose since I was in high school. And there is still easy another 15 lb of flab that is disposable without extreme effort.

I've got a trickle of irregularly published comics that I follow (Lucifer, Small Favors, Girl Genius, Ultimate Spider-Man, a few others), which makes it a pain to not miss any without going to a shop every frikken week, so I asked the Comics Book Guy at Zanadu in the U District if they have subscription boxes. They do, but get this, there is a 60 buck deposit, I have to subscribe to at least 7 monthlies, AND I have to buy the previews. I don't think so! Yeesh, back years ago, Comics Utah just let me check off titles on a form, and then do a pick up at once a month, no hassle.

I left my music books at home, so after the warmup exercise of the week, Robert had me doing sightreading. We finished the book, but then he flipped back to exercise #1, and we started over. Only twice as fast, with minimal "get ready" time for each one. Yow. My problem, as always, is stumbling over a few notes I can't instantly read (especially in the left hand), and most difficult of all, looking ahead. One is supposed to be reading at least a measure ahead of current note, and that's really hard for me. That's something that is hard for me in things other than music. Sigh.

I can't find my damn credit card. I've checked at Citi's website, and nobody has used it since the last time I used it, at Kinko's this last Saturday, so I'm not concerned yet. I *think* I "stuck it somewhere", but I can't remember where. Crud it, this is WHY I normally have a "place for everything and everything in it's place" for the stuff I carry around (especially since I have 43 pockets to lose things in).

And I can't find my gym bag. Double crud. When I didn't have it in the SUV Monday afternoon, I just figured I had brought it in to do laundry, but it's not showing up, and I really don't have that many places to lose it. Did I put it on top of the car when loading groceries into the back last weekend? I hope not.

All the cards are addressed and in the mail, with the exception of Dr Lucas's, because I don't have his address yet. I will try bugging P or J tomorrow again for it. Robert already received his, so I know they are going thru (they weight almost exactly 1 oz, and are in 6x9 envelopes, so they are right at the edge of one stamp.)

The vet is coming tomorrow (today) afternoon, to pull some urine out of Birki. Must remember to hide the litter boxes late in the morning. That's going to make the furballs unhappy.

Maybe I will call in sick.

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This is me at my company corporate holiday party last Friday night. You can't see my hands, but I'm playing blackjack and have about twenty grand in chips, starting from two. (It's not that I am a kickass blackjack player, just that the dealer was having fun and intentionally screwing up to give away chips.)

Me at the Digeo Holiday Party 2003