December 8th, 2003


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Gym today. This was session 100. I had somehow left my gymbag at home, so I did the workout wearing jeans. The focus was "back". The lowback raise has gotten easy, the machine shoulder press made me shudder, and we went hardcore on the skullcrushers. Go me.

Power and network are back up at work. But they are still stitching the VPN back together again.

The rush rush rush work project of the last week and a half has slowed down. The Paul's people resceduled the "it must be before christmas" demo to the end of January instead. And now there is a new rush rush rush "it must be before christmas" task.

Dropped the first handful of cards in the mail, bought some new boxes of cards. This is actually kind of fun. Maybe next year I will make handmade ones.