December 6th, 2003


(no subject)

All the power problems over the Seattle area, never touched my house. My lights didn't even blink.

OTOH, they hit work pretty hard. Apparently, there were lots of flickers and drops Thursday morning, and a few hours after I got there Thursday afternoon, everything went dark. After about half an hour, most everybody left. As soon as I got under the underpass heading home, the streetlights and traffic lights were working again.

Today, the power was on, but the network wasn't. Apparently, all of the ethernet switches that were connected to cubical PCs got fried. Sounds like bad power surges in PCs that people forgot to unplug, travelled back up the TP, and fried the switches. Ouch. The whole workday was a waste of money, brains, and time, as we all sat and did nothing.

I went to the ear doctor Thursday morning. I was expecting it to be a straightfoward procedure of digging the gunk out, and my ears would feel better. No. My ear canals are fine. My hearing is fine. (I love sitting in the sound isolation booth, getting away from both road noise and power hum...). The doctors guess is internal muscle tension inside my skull. His recommendation is relaxation, stop clenching my teeth (hard to do at the gym), possibly a bite guard while I sleep, and head and neck massage from a trained massage therapist. Okay...

I've not been sleeping well at all, can't even begin to nod off `till 3am, and then drag out late the next morning. Something has to give.

Tomorrow, I will clean my apt, mail holiday cards, mail presents. Hopefully. And then make an appearance at the Corporate Christmas Party.