October 27th, 2003


A disturbing moment of a dream, just awakened from

I had returned from a trip, and got back to my apartment complex. (Which was not one that I had ever actually lived before, but awake, I feel that it's appeared in dreams before.) And my apartment was empty. Completely empty. I had been gone only a weekend, in midmonth, and the rent was paid.

I found and confronted the property manager.

"Where is my stuff? WHERE ARE MY CATS?!"

And he started getting shifty, and evasive, and speaking in the third person.

I was not furious. Yet. When my fury breaks, it is going to be burn him and the building away to nothing.

I'm glad it was only a dream. Especially with one my my cats right now crawling into my lap to trade purrs for security and warmth.

Gym. Session 85 of 124. Chest & Biceps

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I think I'm going to tweak my diet/supps a bit, and instead of having my creatine during breakfast, I'll hold off a bit, and have it in a bottle of orange juice about an hour before gym time. Maybe that will help. I don't even want to think about the agony that today would have been without any at all.

Still, even with the muscle failures, I am improving. One little thing, I can now consciously contract my left bicep (what used to be called "dynamic tension" back in the old Charles Atlas nostrums days). I've always been able do it with my right, it's just been a weird little harmless lack. But it's slick that it's no longer... lacking.

Steve's on my case about getting my own scale. That was one of the many things was was "gonna do" this last weekend, that I didn't. I think maybe that I shall hit Fred Meyer this afternoon after work, and finally get that done.