October 19th, 2003


My strange dream

I was looking up at the sky, watching a cloud boiling in the wind. Then it was two clouds, boiling into each other. Then it started forming brightly colored fractal patterns, and flowed into each other faster and faster, and get denser and denser, and then suddently it got too dense, and feel out of sky, thunk thunk thunk, as a pile of dark black heavy bags, falling behind the building across the street.

Later I made my across the street, and into the alley so I could see the bags. I had to force my way thru a crowd of other curious onlookers. They looked like black balloons, full of heavy foam rubber waste.

My weekend, in brief

Worked a bit late Friday afternoon. Which meant it was dark when I went home. The problem with living here. The ocean mild climate makes me forget how far north I am, but the time of sunset reminds me. (Today, sunset was at 6:13pm PDT.)

Saturday, did some chores. I had an interesting, amusing, and insightful conversation with my younger sister wykurst. Got the key back from the petsitter. Tried to return my accidentally purchased hundred-dollar CD, but the store owner who has the authority to reverse the charge wasnt in.

Enjoyed the hospitality of omahas and elfs. I played with the girls, Kouryou-chan and Yamarashi-chan, mostly on the swings and rings. We the adults watched much PVR TV, "Queer Eye", "Teen Titans", "MI-5", and "Gatekeepers 21" (an almost incompresenably fractured anime) together. I got to enjoy dinner (salmon, yum) and, the next morning, breakfast at their table. Thanks again, guys.

I apparently have a pair of elfs's pants in my closet. It will be interesting to pick them out, as he and I wear exactly the same size.

I watched "Kill Bill, Part 1" this evening. Interesting. I know that I was missing a LOT of references to other movies, and to whole genres. I hope some fan writes an annotation book. I look forward to the second part. (It wont be a "sequel", this movie is just the first half of a four hour whole.)

Tomorrow there is an "all hands" work staff meeting at 10am. There was a layoff announcment this last Friday.