October 14th, 2003


(no subject)

Yesterday evening I went to Zaftig's Deli with zzbottom, missdimple, docorion, Lucas, and half a dozen other folks. Then we walked down to the Boston 48 Hour Film Project. The films were fun and amusing, but the projection/sound system stank. We went out for Harrod's Ice Cream after, and then I hitched a ride back to Judy's.

One piece of good news. I got a phone call from the SeaTac Airport Lost & Found. They had my copy of Quicksilver (I had my phonenumber on a postit inside the flap), and so I will be able to pick it up from them on my return.

This morning, I cooked breakfast (it's amazing how fast eggs are on a gas range) for the two of us, and then we said a long goodbye. She has stuff she MUST do in her roles as "worker at a non-profit" and "Birth Sister", so I will have to make my own way to the airport.

I leave here at 3pm Eastern, and arrive in Seattle at 8pm Pacific.