October 8th, 2003


Gym. Session 79 of 124. Legs.

Wow. Big jumps again today. This "growth spurt" has lasted 3 weeks now. If I didn't know that I wasn't, I would be suspecting me of taking ABS's.

  1. Hack squat. Up another 20lb.
  2. Single leg press. Up 20lb. And the last set I did an extra 5 reps. And I could have done more, but my knees were starting to warn me to quit.
  3. Cycled with bench stepups. Up 24lb. (No longer unloaded, I am now holding a pair of 12s)
  4. Seated calves. No change.
  5. Cycled with lunges. No change.
  6. Machine leg extensions. Went up 5lb. And then up 5lb again. And added 3 reps to the last set.
  7. Machine leg curls. No change. Failed halfway thru the final set.
  8. Hip adductors. Up 5 lb, and 2 clicks wider.
  9. Cycled with hip abductors.

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(Posting from Aurifice Cafe, who has a self respecting gothgeek hangout, has an open wireless network.)

Important note to self. When buying stuff, always read the credit card slip before signing it.

Here's the story: Yesterday afternoon, I walked for the first time into MusicWerks to pick up some music by a group I had come to like. I picked up a couple of their CDs, which would cost me about twenty bucks I thought. I really wasn't paying that much attention when the clerk rang me up. But when I got home and entered the receipt into the register, my attention was riveted. Over a HUNDRED AND TWENTY BUCKS! The tag that I read as 9.99 actually read 99.99, it was an OOP European import. That goodness that that wasn't the CD I had already opened.

I can't afford that!

I chatted a bit with my brother last night on Gaim. Turns out he is a VNVN fan as well. I'm losing touch with my sibs, tho in retrospect, it makes sense. He is at least "goth" as I am. (I'm not goth, I just like the clothes and music...)

Anyway, I came back up to CapHill today to return it. They don't usually take returns, and the guy who handles that sort of thing is just there from 12n to 5p. I guess I'll have to deal with this when I get back.

I picked up a piroshki for dinner, and was walking up to Dilettante's to get a little something to give to J in Boston this weekend, when I saw kespernorth waving to me through a restaurant window. So I walked in and got meet his sweetie chemicallace. She seemed pretty nice. One can understand why Bjorn is robbing the cradle for this one. Oddly, she is from Boston! Boston and Seattle seem to have this strange astral plane linkage.