October 1st, 2003


Gym. Session 76 of 124. Legs.

Big jumps again today. Go me.

  1. hack squat, up 10 lb
  2. single leg press, up 10 lb
  3. cycled with unloaded stepups
  4. seated calves, up 10 lb
  5. cycled with dumbbell lunges. I had been doing them unloaded.
  6. cybex machine leg curls, up 10 lb
  7. cycled with ball squats. Had trouble holding form.
  8. cybex machine leg extentions, up 15 lb
  9. hip adductors, up 10 lb to 105
  10. cycled with hip abductors, up 10 lb to 105

While getting dressed afterwards, I was soaked with sweat, and "pumped", i.e. muscles were swollen and visible. I could actually see the 3 surface quads, the 2 surface calves, and the adductors and abducotrs. "Pump" only lasts about 10 minutes, but's cool to see one's own's body's construction like that.
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I'm going to be visiting Boston the weekend after next. Here is my itinerary.

  1. Leave Seattle on Fri Oct 10 at 8:15am PDT via CO 1580
  2. Arrive Boston at 6:44pm EDT via CO 8
  3. Enjoy the weekend with my friends
  4. Leave Boston on Tue Oct 14 at 5:20pm EDT via CO 859
  5. Arrive Seattle at 8:11pm via CO 1881

COntinental Airlines's web site kept teasing me with the existance of a redeye flight out of Seattle on Thursday night, but I just could not convience it to give it to me as part of a round trip. It was more than happy to sell it to me as a very expensive one-way, but wouldnt present it as part of a cheaper weekend circuit.